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Basic Electronic & Inverter Repairing

Course Details:

The One - year course is divided into eight (2) semesters. Students are expected to complete a minimum of 50 credit hours to be eligible for Diploma. However, students are not allowed to take more than 25 credit hours in a semester.

Below are the details of the course content.


Network Theorems: -    Kirchoff’s Laws, superposition, Thevenin’s, Norton’s and Reciprocity theorems, Delta-star and star-delta transformations.  Alternating Voltage and Current: Average and r.m.s values, harmonics, phasor representation of sinusoidal quantities, addition and substraction of sinusoidal quantities.

A.C. Circuits: -   Active, reactive and apparent power, power factor, reactive and active loads and sources, solving single phase circuits using j operator and the concept of apparent power, solving 3-phase balanced and unbalanced loads.

Magnetic Circuits:  Magnetomotive force, magnetic fields strength, permeability of free space, relative permeability, B-H curves of materials, solving magnetic circuits.