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The Management Programmes offered by IIEM are of very high value for:


Fresh graduates or students pursuing academic studies who wish to seek an entry into the industry but cannot afford full time management programs due to financial or any other constraints.


Those who are employed without any management qualification, but wish to acquire a widely recognized management qualification to further their career.


Those who are working and want to have additional qualifications for the role rotation or for a better and upward rise in the industry.


Those who are working and aspire to move into a managerial cadre. Personnel from the Armed Forces who want to rehabilitate themselves after retirement in the managerial or supervisory positions.


Those aspiring to join as Management Trainee, Manager Sales, Business Executive, Business Manager, Customer Brokers, Import-Export Agents, Wholesalers, Freight Forwarders, Product Managers, C&F agents of reputed Export House / Pharmaceutical Companies, Managers/Administrators in Finance, Tourist or Health Care Sectors etc. or starters of Own Business.


Education is the only way to abolish poverty in our nation. There are several educationists that have fought a good fight against illiteracy. Although the battle is still on, there are miles to go. Gone are the days when education was viewed as a service to the mankind. Today the Education in India is one of the largest industries with a very high turnover. The changes in foreign policies of the country have also attracted several foreign investors to invest in India hoping for great returns.

INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING & MANAGEMENT (IIEM) was established in the year 2014. IIEM is one among the few that consider higher education still as a service rendered to mankind. The ISO 9001:2015 certified institution strives to provide quality higher education to the Indian students. The institution offers various diploma courses with the view of empowering students with the best of knowledge and enhance their employability. The college focuses on students that wish to pursue higher education.

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