About Us

INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING & MANAGEMENT (IIEM)  is a leading autonomous Engineering & Management institute, located at Duttapukur near Kolkata. Since 2014. The expeditious growth and advancement of technology necessitated the formation of yet another dynamic technological campus. The Institute provides the finest infrastructural facilities in order to leverage the technological proficiency of the students and make them industry ready. Moreover, IIEM believes in establishing firm industry connect to enhance the industry compatibility and employability of the students. The Institute shares illustrious knowledge partnerships with blue-chip companies like Microsoft, Oracle and Volkswagen to engineer the technocrats of tomorrow.


Vision and Mission

"Learning is the beginning ofwealth, Learning is the beginning ofhealth. Learning is the beginning ofspirituality,searching and learning is where themiracle process all begins"



Leading and Inspiring knowledge excellence in society across the globe.



To advance and enhance the learning possibilities by fostering awareness, developing holistic knowledge acquisition through creation, innovation, exposure and interaction to build human talent for self enhancement and also for the cause of society.



To nurture research and knowledge initiatives, to empower students with education and employment opportunities, to establish worldwide network with industry and to entrust our enterprise as well as charge our students with social responsibilities.